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DeWolff Vaulting & Sporthorses

DWV is an international topsport stable that is home to many high performance vaulters from all over the world, the stable is located in the Netherlands. Aside from providing training and accommodation for high performance vaulters, DWV also trains vaulters from the very beginning, trains horses both in vaulting and dressage, and is an expert in coaching dressage riders’ posture and seat.


A big part of the business is the disciplineVaulting. Vaulters from beginning level to top sport level, are trained by the trainers of DWV. Also many foreign vaulters find their home in Wapse and train under the guidance of Nienke de Wolff.


At DWV, riders are trained to improve their posture and seat, refine the sense of riding, improve strength, coordination and agility. But the mental aspect is also included!


Nienke coaches many riders who like to ride with the emphasis on their way of riding with which we can improve the horse's going, not the other way around. With attention to riding technique, rider feeling and well-being of the horse Nienke coaches (dressage) riders up to Grand-Prix level.

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Training for all, in a top sports environment

Our stable is located in Wapse, near the Drents-Friese wold. Our focus is mainly on horse welfare and from there, training in harmony with your horse to reach the highest attainable level together. We strive for the ultimate top sports environment where both horses and riders/vaulters can perform optimally. We believe that (top) sport and a happy athlete should be the goal.

We guide horses, riders and vaulters from the very first moment, everyone can come to us. Nienke is ORUN-5 certified and able to coach people up to the highest international level.

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Our center in Wapse has become home to many equestrian athletes. Our three main disciplines are: Voltige training, dressage training & equestrian training (seat training). We also offer many additional services.

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The Blue Crew

Teamwork makes the dream work, and that's not something we often shout for nothing! DWV is proud of the team that ensures every day that both the horses and the riders and vaulters can develop to their full potential. We would like to introduce the team to you.


Nienke de Wolff




Wat ik leuk vind, is dat de trainingen best pittig zijn, je werkt aan kracht, balans en lenigheid. Allemaal dingen die van pas komen bij paardrijden. En ik had niet gedacht dat je nog zoveel vooruit kon gaan als je geen 12 meer bent!

Chaja Voest Pilates / Volwassen Voltige

Voltige is dé manier om in balans op je paard te zitten. Ik heb er mijn hele rijdende leven profijt van. En ook een mooie bijkomstigheid: Je krijgt er een sterk en mooi lijf van!

Marieke Hollander Pilates / Volwassen Voltige

Ik ben als angstige ruiter bij jullie gekomen en door de fijne en duidelijke lessen heb ik veel meer zelfvertrouwen gekregen in mij en in mijn paard. Ik ga er altijd met veel plezier heen en ik leer heel veel over het samenspel van paard en ruiter tijdens de lessen. Er hangt een hele fijne sfeer en iedereen is heel vriendelijk.

Charlotte Ruiter training & Dressuurles
    Inlooples Fysieke training Ruiters

    Inlooples Fysieke training Ruiters

    Donderdag 12 januari, inlooples voor fysieke training voor ruiters!

    Trainingweek met USA Voltigeurs

    Trainingweek with USA vaulters

    Over the holiday season, we've had more than 12 vaulters train at our facility at the MOVIE and horses.


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    Via deze blogs houden wij jullie op de hoogte van de activiteiten bij DWV.