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Vaultingshow at Frisian Proms 2017

A wonderful vaulting show at Frisian Proms 2017 https://www.faderpaard.nl/

Rik Bierling & his sister Esmee Bierling trained the stallion Minne vd Egberdinahoeve for vaulting for a couple weeks. Rik showed a freestyle in walk, trot and canter. His performance was guided by Xander de Buisonjée. He song the dutch song ‘Zij gelooft in mij’ (she believes in me).

Esmee was lunging the stallion in the showarena, for like 6.000 people!
Amazing how they archieved to make this show, with a horse who was new to vaulting, in such a short time.

Nienke was there to help them with the rehearsel and both shows. Teamwork!

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