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Silver Medal in Tryon for Team Lütisburg

World Equestrian Games 2018, was held in the American Tryon. Nienke coached the lunger Monika Winkler the last year with lunging and with horsemanagement.  Monday 17th, the horses Rayo de la Luz and Acardi did the trot-up and where ‘fit-to-compete’. Tuesday 18th was the kick-off for the compulsories. The team was currently on the first place, Lukas and Nadja resp. at 7th and 9th place.

Wednesday 19th was Nations-cup day. Both individual vaulters Lukas and Nadja, and the squad had the honour to represent Switzerland in the Nations-Cup. They ended up right behind Germany at a second place. First medal in the pocket!

Tech-tests where scheduled at Friday the 21th, Nadja moved to the 4th place and Lukas ended up at 9th place due a fall in his routine.

The finals at Saturday..  Lukas had an outstanding performance and ended up at a 7th place with an 8.024 end total. Nadja couldnt show a flawless performance, but still a good round. She ended up at a fifth place, with 8.253 totalscore. Acardi did a good job, and scored an 8.1! The squad ended up at the second place, a silver medal.

Photo’s by Daniel Kaiser