Daytona vice-worldchampion in Ebreichsdorf

[:en]It were a few fantastic days in Ebreichsdorf. Daytona, the horse we sold in December, was competing for the German PDD Julian Kögl and Ronja Kähler. They were lunged by Lars Hansen.

The weather was tuff over there, 37 degrees, which was very warm for the vaulters and for the horses. Daytona did really good, very close to the first place, they archieved a secondplace at the Junior World Championships in Ebreichsdorf, Austria.

He was doing his best, but he was nervous. Cantering in a arena with so many people around, in the athmosphere of a championship.. he felt the pressure to do his job, and he did!

What a performance of all of them!


Foto: im|press|ions –  Daniel Kaiser[:]

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